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“Savages featuring Wizdom Mriminthere and Julian Damone It features a very trippy chorus from Julian Damone with a dope cadience rap from Wizdom Mriminthere over a Monstrous trap like instrumental also produced by Wizdom Mriminthere. Be Sure to grab a copy. #pdblife datda mission”

From the new Album ‘RaDiCal Minds’

Coming Soon This Summer

" notably better than the
majority of indie hip hop artists. "

-Brett Stewart [Strike Magazine]


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“Pretty DirtBall Records is a fully licensed and registered Recording/Production Label based in Camden, NJ from 2010 to Present. We support Independent Artists, Bands, Producers, Dj’s, and Company’s alike. Pretty DirtBall Records is a company dedicated to music and the incredibly talented artists who create it. Revolutionizing the music industry, by supporting the independent recording artist, promoting musicians’ artistic freedom and allowing the artist complete creative control. In doing so, we hope to influence a change to better support original music within the industry.”

Its Coming Are You Ready?

RaDiCaL MindS

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Wizdom Mriminthere ft. Julian Damone
"Savages Commercial"

Directed by: WeDappl
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